Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church “St. Petka” is now officially registered as a 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exempt organization. All donors, when doing their taxes, are now able to deduct any contributions made to us. Contact us or your financial advisor for more information.

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Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church “St. Petka” exists solely thanks to your contributions! To be able to organize church services, cultural events, picnics, etc., the church constantly needs you and we dearly thank you for all your support and donations!

If you would like to donate you can either use PayPal (via the above “Donate” button) or send your donation to the following address:

Check Payable to: Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church “St. Petka”-
C/o Father Rumen Pelovski
980 Main Street, Apt. 33
Woburn, MA 01801


Thank you all for your thoughtful donation of $6753 to the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church St. Petka in Boston. With your donation our parish has been able to serve as a spiritual and cultural center for the Bulgarian Orthodox community in New England.
Because of you, we can keep organizing liturgical services, future church sponsored events and pay our expenses. Our mission is the preservation of the Christian Orthodox Faith, Bulgarian traditions and culture in the Boston area and beyond.
Truthfully, we could not do this without you. We sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Dear friends,
Here you can find all financial transactions for the first half of 2017. As always we want to thank all of our donors, Bulgarian Market “Six Stars Market”, and “Rofinka” Hair Design for their continued, faithful support of our church!
Your donation will help the Bulgarian Orthodox Church St. Petka in Boston area to cover church related expenses including rental expenses, administrative fees and the organization of church sponsored events and projects.

Dear friends,
The amount raised from donations, church sponsored events, and sale of icons and books in 2016 is $9,997.54 total. We want to thank all the people who contributed their time, talent and treasure in support of our church. We want to clarify that all meals and drinks for the Christmas luncheon were exclusively donated in order to allow the Bulgarian Church in Boston to raise more funds.
We sincerely thank all of you for your support and generosity, and for choosing to spend one of the brightest Christian holidays with the Bulgarian community. You can continue to support the Bulgarian Orthodox church St. Petka in Boston by making a donation via PayPal (using the button on our website: or by sending a check to our mailing address below (check should be payable to Bulgarian Orthodox Church St. Petka). We also have a donation box in the Bulgarian store “Six Star Market” in Woburn, MA where you can donate while you shop at the store.
We would like to express our special gratitude to the following business for their generosity and kind assistance: Bulgarian market “Six Stars Market”, “Rofinka” Hair Design and Online Catalog “”!
Our mission is to preserve and strengthen the Orthodox faith in the Bulgarian community, and to preserve the Bulgarian traditions and culture. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church St. Petka has no commercial interests, besides raising funds for its self-sustaining and organizing church services and events. The church does not receive any financial support from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church or the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia, nor by the Bulgarian Government. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church St. Petka exist solely because of your donations which are cordially appreciated!

Скъпи приятели,
На 4ти септември, 2016 Българска Православна Църква “Света Петка”, гр. Бостън организира празничен пикник (събор) по случай големия християнски празник Рождество Богородично (Малка Богородица) и турнир по мини-футбол.
Благодарение на дарения труд от страна на доброволците, продадени артикули, храна и напитки, даренията на граждани и даренията на спонсорите на събитието:
Six Star Market
…ние успяхме да съберем $3,256.60! Благодарим от сърце на всички доброволци, дарители и участващи! Тези пари ще бъдат използвани за провеждането на други такива събития, организиране на църковни служби, покриване на годишната църковна такса (Диоцез) пред Българската Патриаршия, и др.
Ето пълният отчет на Църква “Света Петка” дотук, за 2016.

Dear friends,
Thanks to your online donations, sale of donated Martenitsas (special thanks go to all martenitsa donors(!), to Six Star Market grocery store and Rofinka Hair Design for their help with the sales), and the Bulgarian American Cultural Center Madara (organizing the the Magic of Bulgaria concert), the amount collected so far is $20,001. Click here for more information.

Dear friends,
The amount collected from Christmas sale of blessed icons, your donations and lunch was $814. We want to thank all volunteers, who participated in the organization, and those who donated food and drinks. Note: For the first time all food and drinks were entirely donated! This helps the Bulgarian church collect more funds for self-support. The amount collected so far is $18,825. Click here for more information.

Dear friends,
The amount collected at our picnic, commemorating the Assumption of Mary – sale of blessed icons, tapestries, and your donations was $676.

Thank you everybody from our hearts for your support!

The amount collected at our picnic for St. George’s Day was $1107! We thank you all dearly for your support and generosity!
Special thanks go to the Bulgarian School “Cyril and Methodius” and Bulgarian Center of New England for their help with the organization and their collaboration!

The donated amount collected from the beginning of January to date (March 8th) is $615.
This is primarily the result from the sale of donated martenitsas and your direct donations.
With your help the Bulgarian church “St. Petka” is continually raising funds needed for the organization of church services, cultural events, picnics, etc.

We thank everybody for your support!

We express our special gratitude to Bulgarian grocery store – Six Star Market, who were the main mediator in the martenitsa-sale’s campaign! We dearly thank for their great help!

Throughout the year, we of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church “St. Petka”, with the courtesy of Six Star Market, will have a donation box at their grocery store, where you could donate to the church, while shopping.

That box is always opened in the presence of Father Rumen Pelovski and all donations are periodically posted here!

Dear friends,
thank you for visiting the Special Christmas Liturgy and your donating to the Bulgarian church for the churche’s self-support and organization of religious services and cultural events in the city of Boston!

The collected donations today were as follows:
Donation box: $324
Sale of blessed icons: $188
Sale of bibles: $60
Adding the above, to date we have a total collected $18,412.45.

Our combined effort continues to support our Bulgarian, Christian culture and traditions, even being so far from our Motherland!

Donators of year 2007:

Art Sign Express, Inc

Peter and Albina Velikin

Vasilena K. Betancourt

Donators of year 2006:

Bogdana and Bogdan Ganevi

Kunka Spasova

Peter and Albina Velikin

Radostin Djeliov

Violeta Jeliazkova

Donators of year 2005:

Peter and Albina Velikin

Bogdana and Bogdan Ganevi

Boris Paskalev

Petia and Stanimir Karapchanski

Theopisti Kondochrichti

Todor Buhov

Donators of year 2004:

Bojena, Kalin, Mariana

Vencislav Stoianchev

Elica, Vesela, and Valeri Neichevi

Stoian and Mariana Gechevski

Donators of year 2003:

Albena Dimitrova

Boston Connection

Building 19

Duncan Miler

Henry Goldberg

Hristo and Didka Kostadinovi

Jenny Garbolevski

Peter and Albina Velikin

Roy Freed

Valeri Vassilev

Valio and Eli Voinishki

Donators of year 2002:

Kaloyan Ivanov

Milena Dimitrova

Nikolay Schwertner

Penka and Atanas Atanasovi

etia and Stanimir Karapchanski

Snejana Popova

Sofia and Ivan Brinkovi

Tsvetanka and Miroslav

Donators of year 2001:

Genka Georgieva

Mariana Mihailova

Peter and Albina Velikin

Donators of year 2000:

Ianko and Katia Angelovi

Rosen and Rosica Todorovi

Violeta Jeliazkova